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Online services

Genius Inside on-line services

Genius Inside has launched online consultancy to help you save costs and time-to-market.
Genius Inside web-based services can help you improve your project management capabilities and methods by leveraging internet technologies to facilitate communication, accelerate knowledge transfer, reduce response time, have a more flexible schedule and ensure consistent application of processes.

Genius Inside consulting team provides you personal training to get started with Genius Project for Domino or to get complementary training. E-training is a set of 2 hours per online session with self exercises to be completed between online sessions. These trainings are designed for a maximum of two attendees.

To help you successfully manage how your Genius application will evolve in response to your company’s changing strategies, operational requirements and technologies, Genius Inside provides you high quality services with short response time and delivery. Our team is made up of highly skilled consultants and experts whose know-how encompasses both the functional and technical aspects of our solutions.

We are here to assist you in leveraging new features of Genius Inside’s product(s), improve or change the set-up of an existing system. We also provide customization of our solutions to fit better your needs and your organization. Based on your requirements, Genius Inside provides you with a fixed price proposal: additional source code is supplied which is compatible with the future releases, thus protecting your investment.

E-Proof of Concept
This offer allows you to verify and validate that Genius Inside's solutions will address your business requirements to reduce risk in software acquisition. Our team evaluates the usage and benefit of our applications to your company. This first contact will also give you a flavor of the great value of working with us. It will bring to you all value and knowledge of the entire Genius Inside team to solve your business pains. We deliver to you in a short time, a quality proof of concept, to secure your investment.

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