Understanding your current business process and objectives is the cornerstone of a successful project and integration of technology into your organization. This is especially true for inter-departmental projects. Genius’s commitment to this philosophy is illustrated in our comprehensive, start-to-finish support services for implementing and integrating interdepartmental applications into your organization. Genius Inside consultants stay close to you during the whole implementation process with support, workshops and training until you are self sufficient.

The implementation consists of 5 phases:

1. Start-up Phase

During this phase, the project manager, the project sponsor and Genius consultant start the project with the:
  • Identification of the objectives and constraints
  • Definition the pilot team
  • Planning the project

As a conclusion of this step, the kick-off meeting officially starts the project and provides information to the team about the project.

2. Pilot Phase

The goal is to test the system on a pilot team for representative projects during a limited time.
Genius Project for Domino is installed and some of your projects are identified as pilot projects.
  • Workshop will be organized for the pilot team
  • The pilot team will learn how to use Genius Project for Domino with the assistance of our consultants
  • Identification of the non-covered needs

Genius Project for Domino is operational and the objectives defined in the start-up phase are achieved in the pilot context.

3. Industrialization

The objective of this phase is to prepare for deployment to all users and to organize support. It includes:

  • Training of the future trainers
  • Writing of guidelines on demand
  • Knowledge transfer to support team

The environment and the organization are ready for a deployment of Genius Project for Domino to all users.

4. Deployment

Genius Project for Domino is deployed and operational to all users. Genius Consultant supports your deployment team throughout the phase.
  • IT department will perform necessary changes to give access to the software for all users
  • Trainings by Genius’s consultants or by your trainers
  • User support executed by your support team and assisted if needed by Genius

Users are operational on the project management software.

5. Exploitation

Our support team stays at the disposal of all users
You are now independent from us to exploit the software.

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