Buehler Motor

Highly improved project documentation and project tracking

Bühler Motor was founded over 150 years ago in the “Schwarzwald” area of southern Germany, where mechatronic (the combination of mechanical, electronic, and software engineering) drive solutions were produced. Today, the company has over 1,600 engineers in Europe, US and Asia.

For the past 40 years Bühler has been focused on manufacturing small motors and parts of the transmission system in order to satisfy the changing needs of the automotive world. They designed and built a multi-regional organization to more cost effectively produce and distribute their products and as a result now have teams and processes that are very distributed.

A Buhler development project lasts on average between 2-3 years and involves about 150 workers located in 4 different parts of the world.
Until 2005 these projects were managed and tracked with MS Project and the windows file-share system. But this method had limitations and Bühler Motor recognized that with the evolving global nature of their manufacturing methodology, they needed a system that embraced project planning, document management and project tracking in a collaborative environment.

Bühler Motor chose Genius Project4Domino as their PPM system for its extensive project management capabilities and for its core collaborative platform. With this solution, workers in multiple locations could participate in teams and share information. Motors and transmission parts could be scoped out, designs and production plans developed and shared, and each region could communicate and work together to assemble and roll out the products.

Buhler Motor rolled out Genius P4D in Germany, England, Mexico and the USA. The platform is now used by 330 users at different locations. Buhler has realized substantial improvement in project documentation and project tracking and has additional plans to use the solution for related overall production projects.

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Buehler Motor
Improved project documentation and tracking